How do OpenPrints Rewards Points work?

When you order at OpenPrints, you get rewards points for every purchase. They can be used to gain discounts on future orders of any time of print.

How much are points worth?
Points Dollar Value
100 Points $1.00
2500 Points $25.00
5000 Points $50.00

Every 100 points equals 1 dollar in discounts on a future order.

How do I get OpenPrints Rewards Points?

Once you sign up for a free rewards account, you sign in before you order and you will earn points based on how much you order.

How do you use OpenPrints Rewards Points?

Once you are logged into your rewards account and get to checkout, there will be a section of the checkout page that allows you to apply your points to your current order.

Do OpenPrints Rewards Points Expire?

Yes, they last for one year. If they are not used within 1 year, they expire and can no longer be used.

What can the Rewards Points be used for?

Rewards points can only be used for the price of the print you are ordering. They cannot be used for shipping cost, tax, discounts, rush production, or any cost other than the print price.

Are there any blackout dates for Rewards Points?

Yes, rewards points cannot be used during the holiday season from November 15th to December 25th. They can be used at any other time during the year.

What if I cancel or return an order purchased with Rewards Points?

We do not offer refunds for the points portion used for any purchase.

Will Rewards points affect other discounts?

No, they will not affect any other discounts we have.

Are rewards points transferrable?

No. The rewards points are not transferrable.

Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to change or cancel the OpenPrints Rewards Points Program at any time. We reserve the right to remove all rewards points from a customers’s account and block them from any future point accruals for any reason such as suspected abuse of the points program. Points are not considered as cash, cannot be transferred, and are not redeemable for cash.