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All files accepted. Including .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .tiff, .psd, .ppt, .ai, .svg, and many more!

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Select Panels

Use a single canvas or stretch across multiple canvas.

Single Panel Your print will be made on a single canvas panel.
Two Panel Your print will be made across two canvas panels.

Select Wrap Type

Wrap type is the thickness of the wooden stretcher bars used to support the canvas

Gallery Wrap (1.5in) Your canvas is stretched around a 1 1/2 inch thick wood frame.
Thin Wrap (0.75in) Your canvas is stretched around a 3/4 inch thick wood frame.
Cafe Wrap (0.18in) Your canvas is stretched around a 3/16 inch thick gator board.
Unwrapped (Rolled) Your canvas is shipped rolled in a tube.

Edge Wrap Type

We recommend Best Fit if you are not sure which option to select.

Best Fit Our professional designers will choose an edge type based on the image dimensions.
Full Wrap The image will be wrapped to the sides of the canvas.
Mirror Wrap The edges of the image will be mirrored to cover the sides of the canvas.
Solid Color Pick a color to cover the sides of the canvas.

"I am very happy with my order it really came out great! I asked for special instructions and you guys followed them perfectly. Thanks guys and I will definitely be ordering from you all again really soon!"

Arielle in San Francisco

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Select your edge color.

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This print size is incompatible with our special frame offer.

If you select Keep Original Size your print size will not change and you will be redirected to our customize page. If you select Change Size the special frame deal will not be available and your print size will be changed to fit the image.