It's easy to create a custom mousepad at OpenPrints

It's easy to learn how to make a custom mousepad at OpenPrints

By: OpenPrints Posted On: 7/5/2015

Choosing Your Mousepad Image

The first step to making a custom mouse pad is to choose which image or images you want to display on your custom mouse pad. If it is a single image, you'll want to make sure the image matches the dimensions of the mouse pad. If you are making a mouse pad collage the size of your images will not be as important and you can place them individually onto the mousepad surface in the customize tool. This is similar to the process used to create a custom banner at OpenPrints.

Custom Mousepad

Choosing Size and Quantity

The standard mousepad size used at OpenPrints is 7.68x9.25 inches. The mousepad has a professional grade cushion with optimal density. You can order one mousepad, or in bulk.

Mouse Pad Art Customize a Mousepad

The final step is to position your image or images on the customize tool. Here you can also add text and graphics.

Sell Prints at OpenPrints

At OpenPrints you can create an account and set up a free store to sell photos online. There is no cost to setting up an account.