Member Guidelines

Creating a Store Print For Sale
1. Uploading your image is the first and most important step of the process. The quality of your source image will have a direct impact on the quality of your prints, especially at large print sizes. Please make sure you read the Image Guidelines further down the page to learn about requirements for your source image.
2. Image information and privacy settings is the next step, where you will add a title and select the privacy option of your print. If you choose to sell your print publicly you can also add categories to boost search engines results and help shoppers find your work on the OpenPrints marketplace.
This step will also allow you to add a Security Watermark to the display preview of your print. Other options include stretched canvas edge style (black edges, white edges, full image wrap,) and photo print margin size (borderless, standard 3mm white)
3. Set your prices for every print size. On this step you can set individual prices for every available print type, as well as limit which print sizes and type are available for purchase. You can also set a global markup percentage to quickly set all your prices.
After that you will need to confirm and submit the print for sale. Once the print has been submitted it will go into "Under Review" status. The review process is fully automated and normally takes no more than five minutes to complete.
Creating an On-Demand Print
Single prints are available for direct purchase and drop shipping. These prints will not be purchasable by anyone but you and can be reorderd at any time in the future. The same Image Guidelines apply to your single print images with the exception that .tiff, .psd, .pdf, .ai, and .doc files are accepted for single prints.
Once you upload your image you can select between a photo print and a canvas print. From there you can choose any print size to within 1/100th of an inch and select from available print options for your chosen medium. Once complete you will be given the option to create another single print for this order or continue to checkout. Single prints can be shipped to any address and will only cost the base minimum price.
Image Guidelines
In order to ensure the highest quality prints we have created a set of rules that will be applied to your image upon upload. In order to be accepted your image must meet the following requirements.
Minimum image requirements
Total area resolution of the image must be greater than 800 x 800 pixels
Image width must be larger than 700 pixels
Image must have at least 72 pixels per inch
Recommended image settings
Total area resolution greater than 2000 x 2000 pixels
150 pixels per inch or greater
Maximum quality settings (no image compression)
If you add a custom print size that does not match the aspect ratio of your image you will be given the option to crop your image to fit the desired print size. Once you have uploaded your image and completed your print you can upload a new file on the Admin Page for that print.
Image Security Watermark
When creating new prints for sale you are given the option to apply a security watermark to your image. Security watermarks make it more difficult for someone to download your image and use it without permission.
Isolated Watermark Sample Watermark
Isolated Watermark
Sample Watermark
By default we do not include a watermark on your image. Select the option under Display Settings on the second step of creating your print.
You can also add or remove the watermark from a print from the product Admin Page. When changing the watermark setting your image will become unavailable for a few minutes while the new preview with a watermark is generated.
Public and Private Prints
Public prints are openly available for purchase from anyone in the world. They will be listed in the marketplace based on the categories you add when creating your print. Public prints are designed to be shared easily on social media sites and indexed in search engines.
Private prints will not be listed in the OpenPrints marketplace, will not be indexed by search engines, and can only be shared through a non-descriptive url. You may also add password protection to any print so that only people you choose will be able to view or make purchases.
You can set the public or private status when first creating a print, or you can change the privacy status at any time. You can access privacy settings for any image by clicking on that image on the Member Home page.
Order Fulfillment
OpenPrints is designed to easily place orders and ship them directly to your customers. When you are logged in to your member account you can order your own prints at the minimum base costs and have them shipped directly to your customers.
You can also share the link to your print (if public) so your customers can purchase directly. When non-members view your prints they will see your set prices and can check out directly on OpenPrints.
All funds from selling your work will become available to withdraw after 30 days of the sale date. The 30 day grace period allows time to ensure there will be no returns or chargebacks from the sale. If a customer returns your artwork for a refund, the funds from that sale will not be available for transfer. All payouts are currently made through Paypal.
Returns and Refunds
In order to make sure customers are satisfied with their products, OpenPrints allows returns within 5 business days of delivery. Products damaged in shipping will be replaced at no cost to the customer or artist.
Rights to Your Work
You retain all rights to your work. OpenPrints does not claim any rights to your work other than the ability to sell reproductions as long as your product is active on our store.