Radioactive - New Generation
Radioactive---New-Generation by artbasik Michael Rados
Music is my Muse 'Series'
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artbasik Michael Rados View Full Gallery Michael B Rados Born in 1970, Michael Rados is a US Army veteran, artist and design specialist. Michael studied at Fayetteville Technical Community College. Michael truly supports the community college system of any metro area. “The teachers and experience you find at these small colleges is beyond measure.” There, Michael was able to learn from industry professionals who had worked in the advertising industry but were also pursuing there own art endeavors. Refining his own visual and conceptual philosophy Michael was able to work in many mediums, to help him develop his own style and taste. Michael supports all art disciplines from dance, vocal, theater, fine art, photography, digital and graphic arts, acting, writing and anyway to express an idea in a creative way. Michael has drawn since he was kid growing up in Odessa, Texas. Moving out to the northwest as a young boy he was able to refine his skills. It was after his military service in 1994 that Michael was able to truly pursue his art career and knowledge. Michael’s interest include drawing, pen & ink, watercolor, photography, animation, ink wash, acrylic and digital art. “My idea art piece has high contrast, no matter what discipline.”