How to Make Metal Prints on OpenPrints

How to make metal prints from photos.

By: OpenPrints Posted On: 7/5/2015

Choosing Your Metal Print Size

The first choice when making a custom metal print at OpenPrints is to choose the size. If you are turning a single image into a metal print, you'll want to make sure the aspect ratio of the image matches that of the print size you select. If you are going to add multiple images and make a collage, you will be able to fit all your pictures into the selected size with our customize tool.

Metal Prints

Customizing Your Print

Position your image or add multiple photos with our metal print customize tool. You can also add text to your metallic print in many fonts and sizes. There's no limit to how many images you can add to your metal art print.

Custom Metal Prints Fine Tuning Your Metal Print

You can zoom in your image, or multiple images, in and out when customizing your metal print. Add layers if needed, whatever it takes to make your final metal print as flawless as possible.

Sell Images Online

You can also upload and sell your images and art at the Openprints store. In the menu click create an account to get started. You can also print custom posters, custom canvas prints, and custom banners at openprints.

Make a Metal Print