How to Make a Poster Online

Making a Custom Poster online is easier than you think. In this post we will go over how to make a poster online at OpenPrints.

By: Rick Posted On: 5/25/2015

How to Make a Poster Online

Making a custom poster from your pictures is easy at OpenPrints, even if you are not great with computers. The first step is to figure out if you want your poster to be a single image poster or a collage poster containing many images. Then you go to the OpenPrints custom poster page and upload the image(s) by clicking on upload and finding the image file on your local computer.

How to Turn Pictures into Posters

The next step is to figure out what size you want your poster to be. The two most common sizes are 24 inches by 36 inches, which is about the size of a poster you would see at the movie theater. The second most common size is 18 inches by 24 inches, which is a bit smaller than a movie poster. You can get your poster printed in any size from an 8 x 10 inch print to over 40 x 60 inch prints.

Customizing Your Poster.

Once you have uploaded your picture and selected your size, the next choice you will be given is to either "Customize" or "Print as Is." If you choose to "Print as Is," OpenPrints will make sure that your image will work well for the size poster you selected. If some portion of the image will be lost, we will suggest a similar size that works better for the poster - and that size will be the same price as the size you originally selected. If you choose to "Customize" your poster, you will be taken to the customize tool where you can place the image(s) on the printing area as well as add text to your poster. We also have the option on customize to apply popular templates.

Framed Poster Prints and Motivational Poster Template.

On the options page, you will get a choice to have your poster printed borderless. This will remove a 3mm portion from the edge of the poster, so it will come a little bit smaller than the ordered size if you select borderless. You can also chose to add a frame or foamboard backing to your poster. Then you checkout and we will print and ship your poster to you. OpenPrints also offers custom canvas printing.

Create a Custom Poster