Orion by banicoletti
Oil on canvas 72" x 60" collection of David Douglass Originally commissioned by Sam Coffman for his CD “Memories of Orion,” this painting is the father of the Constellation series. The series continues through the zodiac. Don’t see your sign here? Commission me to do your sign. Just contact me and we will get started!
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banicoletti View Full Gallery I have always enjoyed super-imposing images and discovering commonality in contradictory or opposite elements or subjects. Drippy glazes and thick dollops of paint mix and magic happens; authentic expression, beyond words, happens when thought subsides. I want to paint with the power of a five year old, instinctively and unfettered by thought. I want to create… “… art that is full of hope, raw human emotion, love and pain. Art that is what art is for; the emotional connection to our life force at its most primal level…”